American Payment Company was founded because we grew tired of hearing how our customers and friends were continually being taken advantage of by the “Credit Card Piranha’s.” You know the ones. They lock you down with no escape.

AMERICAN PAYMENT COMPANY was started by a dynamic husband & wife team, Steve and Eve Ivy. Oh yeah, don’t give HER any apples! Jokes aside, we have a passion to not only help business owners excel in their industries, but become successful and fruitful.  We started this company with one goal in mind; offering straightforward options for your business needs. American Payment Company has a host of products to choose from. We have been in the retail and restaurant industry for over 30 years, including 15 years of credit card processing experience. We don’t have Salespeople, we have Business Partners. Which we believe sets us apart from other typical Point of Sale and Credit Card Processing Companies. You know the ones. They come in and say they can save you hundreds of dollars on your credit card processing. But let’s face it, anybody can save you a little money on your credit card processing, even if it’s 10 bucks. So, technically they’re not lying. We take a different approach to what we offer. Here are some of our products for processing. Dual Pricing Cash Discount eliminates 99% of processing fees. Dual Pricing Cash Discount. Split fees 50/50 with your customer. 100% compliant when done correctly. Compliant Surcharging. Customer pays 3% on credit cards, business pays 1% on debit cards. This saves 50-75%. And then there’s Traditional Credit Card Processing that saves you anywhere from 10-15%. We also offer free statement analysis with no obligations. We feature Exatouch Point of Sale Systems which offer a secure POS that adapts to your business needs. Exatouch Point of Sale has you covered, whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or service business. Exatouch is designed to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, grow your profits, and simplify your life with Point of Sale, seamless payments, inventory control, offering promotions, tracking customers spending habits, and even reporting stats on employee’s management practices, all using HIGH PERFORMANCE HARDWARE.

Thank you for checking us out and for considering us as the go to resource for updating and elevating your business through our innovative and proven payment systems. We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s Chat!

Steve and Eve

Steve & Eve Ivy

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What sets us apart?  We are always looking for better solutions for the issues our customers face. We have been in the wholesale and retail customer service business for over 20 yrs. We are not here to sell you. We are here to help you seek out and achieve better ways to improve your business and capture more revenue so you can continue to grow your business without worrying if you are paying too much. We offer free to low cost hardware replacement programs including programing and installation, inventory control, and scanning your inventory, in addition to providing ongoing training and support. We are supportive of small to large businesses, as well as our local communities. We spent over 20 years being involved in Street Outreach, supplying clothing, food, hospital visits, rides, or even just the comfort of a listening ear or kind words to support and uplift those in need.

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