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Electronic Payments Is Now a Point of Sale Partner in Juul Labs’ Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) Program

Electronic Payments' Proprietary Point of Sale, Exatouch®, Complies with Juul Labs' Enhanced Access Controls (EAC) Requirements for Retailers Selling Juul Tobacco Products

Calverton, New York — — Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale (POS) provider to small businesses across the country, is pleased to announce it is a Juul Labs point of sale partner. To mitigate underage use of Juul products, Juul Labs is partnering with retailers, POS providers, and other industry stakeholders to implement their Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program. RACS-certified POS systems give retailers tools to comply with Enhanced Access Controls (EAC) for the sale of Juul’s age-restricted products, automating transactions containing these items from start to finish.

Electronic Payments’ proprietary point of sale, Exatouch®, is a RACS-compliant POS system. RACS necessitates electronic scanning of government-issued IDs to verify a purchaser’s age, as well as the validity of their ID, and automatically limits the amount of Juul product that can be purchased in a transaction to decrease instances of social sourcing. Exatouch’s automatic age verification and other capabilities satisfy RACS requirements, with the system not allowing a transaction to be completed if the criteria are not met. Exatouch immediately locks when a Juul product is scanned for purchase and remains locked until a merchant scans a valid ID that proves the buyer is of legal age. The POS system also imposes automatic limits on the amount of product a legal-age customer can purchase with a method in place to prevent manual overrides. Most importantly, these capabilities are seamlessly integrated into Exatouch with no additional work needed from the merchant.

“Exatouch POS is an ideal solution for all types of retailers because of the number of applications it offers and the level of service and support we back the system with,” said Michael Nardy, Electronic Payments Founder and CEO. “And now as a RACS-compliant POS, merchants using Exatouch who own convenience stores, tobacco shops, and groceries can rest assured they’re selling Juul products in full compliance, abiding by all Juul Labs’ requirements. In addition to automatically fulfilling the EAC, Exatouch provides businesses with significant savings on their payment processing fees, a means to accept all types of payments—including contactless, simple inventory management, and robust reporting that imparts valuable insights.”

Exatouch is purpose-built for merchants to streamline operations and grow their bottom lines with a free inventory import, including a full database of Juul products, complimentary gift card processing, employee management, customizable promotions, and more. Best of all, select retailers, such as convenience stores and tobacco shops, can take advantage of Exatouch’s free POS programs.

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